Virtual Skipper 5

32 Americas Cup

When the ocean becomes the playground...


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Do you like sailing? If yes, this can be a good game which you will be able to feel the water under your PC with.

The version of Virtual Skipper this year is based on the 32nd America’s Cup which will start in Valencia.

Since the first time you run Virtual Skipper you will realize you are in front of a great game which will give you hours and hours of sailing just from your chair at home.

The America’s Cup is maybe the most important competition in the game but it is not the only one. You will be ale to skipper four types of boat, each behaving totally differently, on an very realistic sea, which has been modeled and animated to perfection.

The game is really better, if you like sailing you will love it, and if you haven’t ever done sailing, it can be a really good first time.

The Demo version includes multiplayer game, a tutorial and the Bay of Marseille as playground.

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